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The Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA), also called Beijing E-Town, has always firmly upheld the idea that "talent is the most valuable asset". This vision has driven a comprehensive overhaul of the talent development system in the BDA. 

Their approach focuses on attracting, nurturing, retaining, and effectively employing talent. It's all about fostering a deep integration of innovation, industry, funding, and human resources. 

The goal is to craft a top-notch talent service system that ensures all kinds of talent not only enter and stay but also thrive, ultimately creating a high-quality talent ecosystem that fuels high-caliber talent development.

What draws returnee entrepreneurs to settle in Beijing E-Town?

"Youthful, innovative, and pulsing with energy – from the well-maintained infrastructure and green spaces to advancements in autonomous driving and unmanned vehicles, and the flourishing, open industrial ecosystem, every corner of Beijing E-Town exudes a technology, design, and a glimpse into the future," says Wan Jie, the executive director and general manager of Beijing Bolian Zhongrui Robot Technology Co Ltd (UW Robotics).

In May 2016, he officially planted his entrepreneurial roots in Beijing E-Town by founding the company, and it all began with his attendance of a robotics conference. During the 2015 World Robot Conference, which magnetized numerous returnee entrepreneurs to Beijing E-Town, Wan Jie was among those captivated.

Leveraging the experience of his research and development team in key robot technology development and production line control, UW Robotics has achieved over 30 transformations of independent intellectual property into practical applications during the seven years since its foundation.

Their industrial robot products and solutions have been embraced by many Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, earning them prestigious titles like "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Beijing Specialized High-end and Innovation-driven Small and Medium-sized Enterprise".

What makes Beijing E-Town so effective at retaining entrepreneurs?

Beijing E-Town has a powerful secret weapon to retain high-level talent: genuine care and dedication.

The area has introduced the policy known as the "Ten Measures for Talent," backed by an annual allocation of 1 billion yuan ($137 million) in special talent development funds. It enhances the talent support and protection system, resulting in a tiered talent pool.

Beijing E-Town has optimized a talent development environment and service systems. This has led to the creation of Beijing's first international talent community, sprawling over a million square meters, addressing the concerns and needs of talented individuals.

It has inked strategic cooperation agreements with prestigious institutions like Peking University, Tsinghua University, and the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, establishing synergy between academia and industry.

The area has made the most of various talent attraction and incubation platforms at different levels. This effort has given rise to a high-level talent pool and ensured the successful implementation of various projects.

It has strengthened its top-level strategic planning and introduced an all-inclusive talent policy service package, resulting in a comprehensive "full-chain" talent service system that underpins high-quality development.

In 2022, UW Robotics secured rental subsidies for new companies started by talent in the area, as well as interest rate subsidies, providing a significant boost to the company's growth. In March of 2023, the company's high-precision, highly flexible intelligent assembly and testing project received recognition as the first (set) equipment in the area. Wan Jie proudly shares, "All the reward funds we receive are channeled into research and development. By establishing a district-level enterprise innovation laboratory, we encourage young employees to dedicate themselves to research and innovation, thus contributing to the high-quality development of Beijing E-Town."

Why do entrepreneurs advocate giving back to Beijing E-Town?

"The longer you live and work in Beijing E-Town, the more you realize its immense potential," affirms Wan Jie.

As a returnee entrepreneur who has firmly established himself in Beijing E-Town over many years, Wan has experienced the benefits, developed an affection for, and contributed significantly to the area. 

He emphasizes, "Beijing E-Town boasts a robust industrial foundation and a diverse pool of highly skilled talents. I encourage everyone not only to innovate and embark on entrepreneurial journeys but also to give back to the area. Let's drive deeper integration of industry, academia, and research, facilitating the on-site transformation of more technological innovations. This will infuse inexhaustible energy into the high-quality development of Beijing E-Town."

The story of UW Robotics is merely a glimpse into a larger narrative. With the allure and support of a "full-chain" talent service system, numerous companies, including Mercedes-Benz, BOE, and JD.com, have chosen to establish their roots in Beijing E-Town. 

These companies continue to flourish, nurturing a thriving "entrepreneurial rainforest" teeming with innovation and talent.



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