'Ten Measures for Talent' 2.0 released in Beijing E-Town


Attendees listen at a conference for "Ten Measures for Talent" 2.0. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

The implementation measures for supporting innovative and entrepreneurial talents in Beijing E-Town (Version 2.0) were unveiled on Sept 1 at an event for "Ten Measures for Talent" 2.0. 

The existing talent policy in Beijing E-Town, known as "Ten Measures for Talent" 1.0, was launched in 2020. 

Version 2.0 is an upgrade of Version 1.0.

Unprecedented reform and policy innovation

Version 2.0 will offer a maximum comprehensive subsidy of 5 million yuan ($684,675) to employers who employ talents and authorize them to recruit other talents. It will also formulate personalized and customized talent policies. 

For entrepreneurial talents, in addition to the existing conditions for filing and evaluation, multiple evaluation mechanisms have been introduced, such as self-identification, evaluation based on competitions, and evaluation based on investments. 

Version 2.0 has reconstructed and modified aspects related to the convenience of policy fulfillment. This includes the introduction of a "talent pre-qualification system" to expedite talent attraction. Talents who receive pre-qualification status can access housing and other service guarantees in advance.

Comprehensive measures and unprecedented talent support

Currently, Beijing E-Town has established support for various talent categories. For instance, "Yiqilin" talents can receive special rewards upon entering the zone, with "Top Talent" negotiated individually, "Outstanding Talent" receiving 1 million yuan, "Leading Talent" receiving 500,000 yuan, and "Excellent Talent" receiving 72,000 yuan.

To address talents' concerns about their future, Version 2.0 has further increased standards for housing and elderly care guarantees while retaining the original support provisions for talent in housing, expedited medical services, children's education, personalized transportation, and household registration.

Talents who are engaged in entrepreneurship in the area can also receive comprehensive support and guarantees in terms of equity investment, special guarantees, rent subsidies, and loan interest subsidies. Additionally, Version 2.0 includes a special annual fund of 20 million yuan for talent exchange and cooperation.

Comprehensive coordination and unprecedented resource allocation

The district-level finance will allocate an annual special fund of 1 billion yuan dedicated to supporting talent innovation and entrepreneurship and related work in talent services and team building. Besides, the government will establish a 10 billion yuan industry investment guidance fund, focusing on key high-tech industries.

Version 2.0 provides corresponding support for various industrial platforms, research platforms, service platforms, competition platforms, and cooperation platforms that carry talent innovation and entrepreneurship. 

In terms of housing security, efforts will be intensified to build the city's first million-square-meter international talent community. 

Additionally, on top of the existing nearly 20,000 sets of talent housing, an additional 20,000 housing units will be raised with a targeted guarantee for talents at 70 percent of market prices. 

In the field of education, benchmarking and collaboration with first-class districts will be accelerated, and high-quality education projects will be introduced. Meanwhile, efforts will be continuously made in areas such as ecological environment, transportation, healthcare, and cultural life.

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