Chess Robot is special guest in Beijing E-Town exhibition zone

Just a week after making a splash at the "Beijing Bank Cup" National Chess Robot Challenge, the Evolver Chess Robot made a dazzling appearance at the HICOOL 2023 Global Entrepreneurs Summit, in the exhibition area of Beijing E-Town on Aug 26.

The robot immediately attracted a large crowd of spectators as soon as it entered. "Is this the 'legendary' chess robot? Let me challenge it." A child came to compete, and the chess robot's electronic voice responded, "Sure, give it a try."


Visitors learn how to play chess with the Evolver Chess Robot. [Photo/]

Starting from 2:30 in the afternoon and continuing until 5:00 when the venue closed, a steady stream of challengers arrived. 

From seniors in their sixties and seventies to children around 10 years old, a diverse mix of people took turns facing off. Yet, no one could defeat the robot. 

With an average of about 5 minutes per game, nearly 30 rounds were played within two and a half hours. Finally, in the last game, after intense competition, a challenger managed to win a game back.


A child plays chess with the Evolver Chess Robot. [Photo/]

"What's your aspiration?" On the other side, there was warm interaction with the digital person Yiqi, sparking a lot of interest. 

"My aspiration is to leverage my digital characteristics to provide high-quality talent services for Beijing E-Town, helping local companies attract and retain excellent talents, and promoting the economic and social development of the area," replied Yiqi. Upon hearing this, the audience couldn't help but shower him with praise. "It's unexpected that Yiqi is not only knowledgeable but also ambitious," one of them said.

Meanwhile, from the introductory curved screen in the exhibition area, visitors can understand the industrial development of Beijing E-Town, learning about the government's services for enterprises in the first part, experiencing the ecological features of the area's architecture, green spaces, and rivers through the digital sand table in the second part, and exploring the diverse scenes of the 5G+8K Ultra HD Slow Live Broadcasting Project in the third part.


Two robotic dogs [Photo/]

Besides, two quadruped robotic dogs capable of demonstrating skills such as bowing, front and back somersaults, and standing were also invited to present at the Beijing E-Town exhibition area.

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