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The tour group watches the VR dome screen. [Photo/]

To provide guests attending the 2023 China (Beijing) International Audiovisual Conference (CIAC) with a more immersive audiovisual experience, host Beijing E-Town, organized a special open day event at its distinctive park.

Around 30 representatives from the audiovisual field from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and domestic audiovisual companies entered two audiovisual parks in Beijing E-Town on Aug 4. 

They gained a comprehensive understanding of the favorable business environment that Beijing E-Town has established for audiovisual enterprises and learned the thriving development of the cultural and technological integration industries within the area.

"The 360-degree visual experience is truly astonishing!" "A lifelike and immersive audiovisual enjoyment!" were some of the comments. Inside the China (Beijing) High-Tech Audiovisual Industry Park located on Hongda North Road, the tour group explored the park's supporting facilities and office research spaces. 

They gained firsthand insight into the construction process, strategic positioning, key projects, and achievements of this nationwide pioneering full-industry chain audiovisual industrial park. 

Inside the National Radio and Television Administration's Key Laboratory for Ultra High-Definition Television Technology Research and Application situated within the park, the tour group was captivated by the cutting-edge audiovisual products, including immersive video display systems like the VR dome screen.

Subsequently, the Publicity and Culture Department of the Beijing E-Town Working Committee organized relevant departments to host an audiovisual industry promotion event for the visiting group. 

Officials introduced various policies for talents, technology, innovation and finance. Besides, representatives from the E-Town Urban Services Group presented supporting policies from the operational perspective of the China (Beijing) High-Tech Audiovisual Industry Park that aided the development of enterprises located within the park.

For the final stop, the tour group visited the municipal-level key park, Beijing Smart Esports Event Center. 

Opened to the public on June 8 of this year, this park covers an area of 67,000 square meters and features not only Beijing's only professional esports arena but also attracts upstream and downstream enterprises of the esports industry led by JD Esports. 

It has also introduced the Beijing JDG Intel Club, becoming the first home stadium for the League of Legends  events in Beijing. 

During the park tour, the visitors were greatly impressed by the nearly 900-square-meter ultra-high-definition LED corner screen outdoor and the indoor P3 high-definition full-color LED screen with a total area of over 680 square meters.


The tour group visits the Beijing Smart Esports Event Center. [Photo/]

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