Medical institution delegation visits Beijing E-Town


A delegation of medical institutions from countries participating in the  Belt and Road Initiative visits Beijing E-Town. [Photo/]

A delegation of medical institutions from countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative visited Beijing E-Town recently. 

The delegation toured WeMed Medical to facilitate enterprise exchanges, enhance the outcomes of the BRI.

The delegation consisted of 45 representatives from countries including Cuba, Nepal, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, and Uzbekistan. 

WeMed Medical, as a hub for engagement in the BRI has established a "Beijing-Milan" dual-center model. 

It actively participates in medical cooperation projects under the BRI with operations spanning over 30 countries and regions. The WeMed Medical staff introduced the development history and innovative achievements of the company to the delegation. 

They also provided on-site demonstrations of various core products such as DSA and mobile C-arm. During the visit to the company's radiology laboratory and intelligent factory, the delegation gained a close understanding of the company's research, testing, and assembly processes, giving high praise and expressing confidence in future cooperation prospects.


The staff shows representatives of the delegation WeMed Medical's various core products. [Photo/]

Taking this opportunity, Beijing E-Town also showcased its achievements. 

Officials from the "Two Zones" Office stated that in recent years, the area has nurtured four dominant industries, including biotechnology and the healthcare industry, robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry, and others. 

To date, Beijing E-Town has attracted investments from over 97 Fortune 500 companies in more than 130 projects. An increasing number of multinational corporations are setting up new cutting-edge production lines in the area. In the future, the area will continue to innovate its service measures, optimize the business environment, tighten cooperative relationships with countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

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