What did the World Robot Conference bring to Beijing E-Town?


Visitors of the 2023 World Robot Conference [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

The 2023 World Robot Conference was held in Beijing E-Town from Aug 16 to 22. 

This is the seventh consecutive year that the conference has been held in Beijing E-Town, establishing it as the permanent venue.

Attracting investment

Visitors of the 2023 World Robot Conference [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

During the 2023 World Robot Conference, 13 companies from Beijing E-Town showcased new products and technologies. 

Led by the automotive and intelligent manufacturing industry team, a delegation of over 40 members brought promotional materials to the conference venue every day, presenting Beijing E-Town's investment policies and excellent business environment to enterprises. They also invited interested parties to the E-Town Reception Hall to discuss potential cooperation.

Encouraging entrepreneurs

"The excellent business environment and efficient, high-quality services of Beijing E-Town have strengthened my confidence and determination to invest and establish a business here!" Wan Jie said. At the 2015 World Robot Conference held in Beijing, returnee talent Wan Jie was attracted to the area's high-quality business environment and the innovative ecosystem of the robot and intelligent manufacturing industries. 

He eventually established UW-Robotics in Beijing E-Town.

Another company, Beijing Botsing Technology settled in Beijing E-Town shortly after its establishment, starting from an office space of less than 100 square meters. It incubated the world's first welding robot. 

RoboSea chose to settle in Beijing E-Town during its upgrade and expansion phase, focusing on the independent research and application promotion of underwater robots. Today, it has achieved the rapid rise of a "small giant" enterprise. 

This year, Xiaomi Robot successfully landed in Beijing E-Town and will invest 2 billion yuan ($274.4 million) to establish a general humanoid robot innovation demonstration project in the area, conducting innovative application demonstrations in typical manufacturing scenarios such as 3C factories and automobile factories.

Boosting robot industry

At the Cooperation Night of the conference held on Aug 17, Beijing E-Town signed agreements with 16 key projects including the World Robot Cooperation Organization, Xiaomi Robot, Great Robotics, and Hurwa. 

As the main base for Beijing's high-precision industries, Beijing E-Town attracted seven key industry projects, including humanoid robots and medical robots, with a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan. 


Cooperation Night of the 2023 World Robot Conference [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

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