Beijing E-Town talents policy

Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (Beijing E-Town) is accelerating the establishment of a high-level talents highland, forming the talents team led by academicians, supported by "Yiqilin" talents, and bolstered by technical experts. The number of talents reaches 349,200 and witnesses rapid growth over the years.   

Beijing E-Town has introduced the "Ten Measures for Talent" and set up the E-Town Special Funds for Talents. In the initial assessment, 2,593 talents were recognized as "E-Town Talents". According to the standard set out in the Catalogue of E-Town Outstanding Talents, a total sum of 500,000-1,000,000 yuan ($68,577.5-$137,155) will be rewarded in three years.



Beijing E-Town also set up special reward funds for individual economic contribution and scientific and technological achievements to motivate talents. The area boasts 68 post-doctoral workstations, which have become an important means to attract and cultivate high-level talents. In Beijing E-Town, 76 individuals are listed in national talent programs, and 142 individuals are part of municipal talent programs, resulting in a talent contribution rate that surpasses the citywide average by 7.35 percentage points.

Beijing E-Town is enhancing its talents services by providing a diverse and comprehensive housing security system to meet the needs of talents, including public rental housing, government-subsidized rental housing, international apartments, and joint ownership housing. It offers a diverse range of housing types, including family-sized units, apartments, and dormitory-style accommodations, ensuring that talents have access to suitable housing options. Currently, over 18,000 units of public rental housing for talents, more than 3,600 units of government-subsidized rental housing, and approximately 3,000 units of joint ownership housing have been completed. The construction of the first phase of the million-square-meter international talents community is underway.


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