Foreign talents policy

I. Dedicated rewards

Dedicated rewards for foreign talents entering the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA):

For qualified foreign talents entering the BDA, their employers will be offered with a reward of 50,000 yuan ($6,853.55) or 30,000 yuan per year for three consecutive years.   

Dedicated rewards for outstanding contributions: 

After evaluation and assessment, foreign talents making great contributions to the economic and social development of the BDA will be rewarded with 1 million yuan.

Dedicated rewards for innovation: 

Foreign talents winning the first or second prize of National Science and Technology Award, the special, first, and second prizes of Beijing Science and Technology Award or Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award will be offered with certain financial support.

II. Support for entrepreneurship

Equity investment

Arrange special guidance funds every year to provide equity investment support for excellent foreign talents' entrepreneurship projects.

Rent subsidy

According to the standard of a maximum subsidy of 1.5 yuan/square meter/day and the total area not exceeding 500 square meters, eligible recipients can receive rent subsidy support for up to two years. 

Loan interest subsidy

The maximum loan interest subsidy should not exceed 50 percent of the bank's annual interest for the same period, and the total amount should not exceed 500,000 yuan per year. This subsidy will be granted for a maximum of two years.

III. Livelihood guarantees

Educational services

Foreign talents among the "Top Talent", "Outstanding Talent" and "Leading Talent" of the BDA, whose children are enrolled in the schools for foreign staff's children, will receive a tuition subsidy of 100,000 yuan per year for three consecutive years.

Entry, exit and residence services

Provide convenience for the entry, exit and residence of foreign talents. 

IV. Career ability enhancement 

Support for educational level upgrading: 

Foreign talents obtaining relevant academic certificates while in service will be rewarded with up to 10,000 yuan.

Support for vocational skill upgrading: 

Foreign talents obtaining vocational skill certificates while in service will receive a reward up to 10,000 yuan.

Support for professional skill upgrading: 

Foreign talents obtaining relevant professional titles while in service will be rewarded with up to 10,000 yuan.

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