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At the end of June, Beijing E-Town issued its work plan for deepening reform and innovation to build a comprehensive demonstration zone for a vibrant business environment. 

Focusing on the laws of high-quality development in industries and the improvement of the sense of gain of enterprises, as well as benchmarking the highest standards, it proposed 97 reform measures.

Among them, "formulating a list of industry support policies to enhance the universality and awareness of policies" is one of the pilot reform measures.

To address such issues as enterprises having difficulty in finding, querying, and applying for policies, this July, Beijing E-Town took the bio-pharmaceutical industry as a pilot, and sorted out national, Beijing municipal, and economic development zone industry policies. 

Through the dismantling, categorizing, and reconstructing of these policies, the "List of Support Policies for Biotechnology and Big Health Industry Enterprises" (June version) was released, providing comprehensive, accurate, and timely policy toolkits for pharmaceutical companies. 

In just four months, it has been read, downloaded, and forwarded by over 7,000 companies, receiving unanimous praise from enterprises.

The series of policy lists further replicates and promotes the reform measures based on the "List of Support Policies for Biotechnology and Big Health Industry Enterprises" (June version) to the four leading industries. 

In addition to updating and releasing the "List of Support Policies for Biotechnology and Big Health Industry Enterprises" (November version), it has, for the first time, released the "List of Support Policies for New Generation Information Technology Industry Enterprises" (November version), "List of Support Policies for Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Enterprises" (November version), and "List of Support Policies for High-end Automobile and New Energy Intelligent Automobile Industry Enterprises" (November version). These three policy lists achieve the full coverage of support policies for the four leading industries, providing enterprises in the area with "batch-style recommendations and one-stop policy checking" services.

These enterprise support policy lists includes effective support policy provisions and categorizes them based on supporting items and conditions, ensuring that enterprises have a complete overview of policies, and understand the policies clearly. 

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