【CIFTIS 2023】Scenic, ecological and technological beauty at CIFTIS

As the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) is held from Levison Sept 2 to 6, the cultural and tourism exhibition area of Beijing E-Town at the No. 2 Exhibition Hall of Shougang Park awaits visitors to come and capture beautiful moments.


The cultural and tourism exhibition area of Beijing E-Town [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Walking into the cultural and tourism exhibition area along the main corridor, the first thing visitors notice is a 230-degree panoramic curved screen. 

On the screen, animated scenes of the four seasons in the area are playing in rotation. In spring, paulownia trees bloom along Hongda Road, and autonomous vehicles of Neolix gradually drive into the distance.


The 230-degree panoramic curved screen in the exhibition area [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

In summer, the lotus flowers in Tongming Lake are in full bloom, and waterfowl skim across the surface of the lake, creating ripples.


Visitors pose for photos in front of the 230-degree panoramic curved screen [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]


Visitors pose for photos in front of the 230-degree panoramic curved screen [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

In autumn, Nanhaizi Park displays a splendid autumn scene, with elks roaming. In winter, the banks of Liangshui River are covered in ice, and red lanterns on the roadside add to the festive atmosphere.

When visitors step inside, it's as if they've stepped into a painting. The scenes displayed on the floor screen are seamlessly connected to the curved screen, enhancing the immersive and experiential aspects of the exhibition.

In the Beijing E-Town Cultural and Tourism Exhibition Area, the MINI Elk Park is also a must-visit spot. In this condensed version of the Elks Park, specimens of elks, cranes, mallards, and other animals are lifelike among the greenery, allowing visitors to get up close to these precious creatures.


Specimens of elks, cranes, mallards, and other animals [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Moreover, there are various ways to deepen your understanding of these fascinating animals here. In addition to information boards introducing various rare bird species and educational materials placed on tables, experts from the Nanhaizi Elk Park Museum in Beijing offer 30-minute science lectures every morning.

On this year's exhibition stand, the Evolver Chess Robot is undoubtedly the star, attracting waves of visitors who stop to challenge and compete with the cute and clever robot. In addition to this, Neolix autonomous vehicle, VR Smart Healthcare, LLVision Caption Glasses, Smart Fitness Mirrors, BOE Smart Piano, and other companies offer visitors exciting and fun technological experiences.


Children play chess with the Evolver Chess Robot [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]


A Neolix autonomous vehicle parks in the exhibition area [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

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