【CIFTIS 2023】670, 839, 69... 'Two Zones' construction transcript in Beijing E-Town

As of the end of this August, there have been 670 projects included in the "Two Zones" construction, with a completion rate of 172 percent. The expected investment amount is 83.9 billion yuan ($11.5 billion), with a completion rate of 85 percent. 

There are 69 newly included foreign investment projects, with an expected foreign investment of $1.22 billion. 

At the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), Beijing E-Town showcased the fruitful results of the "Two Zones" construction to the world using sets of numbers.

At the CIFTIS, the establishment of the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Policy Pilot Zone was selected by the Ministry of Commerce as the best practice case for the national service industry expansion and opening up comprehensive pilot demonstration. 

Meanwhile, to promote the implementation of policies benefiting businesses, Beijing E-Town has implemented 49 key tasks related to the "Two Zones", promoting the development of pilot enterprises in the biopharmaceutical "white list" system. 

As one of the first pilot enterprises benefiting from innovative policies, Joinn Laboratories's import of biological reagents has been expedited through rapid approval, accelerating the development of new medicines.

With 99 Fortune 500 companies, 1,187 foreign-invested companies, and 155 key projects, businesses have rooted themselves in Beijing E-Town mainly because of the comprehensive and full-process industrial support provided by the zone. 

To cater to the different stages of business development, the area has established a full-chain innovation service system. It has also established a government-guided fund and launched the "Two Zones" one-stop service platform, creating specialized service halls for foreign companies and foreigners.

Currently, Beijing E-Town has actually utilized more than $11 billion in foreign investment. In 2022, the industrial total output value of foreign-invested enterprises in the area accounted for 69 percent of the total, and the tax revenue of the top 100 foreign-invested enterprises accounted for 49.5 percent of the area's tax revenue. An export-oriented economy has become a major characteristic of Beijing E-Town.

At the CIFTIS, contracts were signed with 12 foreign-invested enterprises for projects and research and development centers. Agreements were also reached with the China-Germany Chamber of Commerce, the British Chamber of Commerce in China, the China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Deloitte, the Beijing International Chamber of Commerce, and the Singapore DEPA International Center for global partnerships. 

Official representative offices for investment promotion in Beijing E-Town were established in Germany, Singapore, and the United States.

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