【CIFTIS 2023】Speech by Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center at E-Town investment promotion conference

During the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), the "2023 Beijing E-Town High-Quality Development Investment Promotion Conference & the Launching ceremony of Beijing E-Town Global Partnership" was held in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA).

A representative from the Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center attended the conference and delivered a speech, which is as follows:

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Relying on the steward service mechanism and 12345 enterprise service hotline, the Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center will leverage its coordinating role, aiming to provide a full lifecycle of services for foreign chambers of commerce and enterprises, and will support their settlement, investment, and development in Beijing.

Beijing, as one of the pioneering cities in fostering the development of international consumer centers and innovating business environment, will leverage its advantages in international high-end elements, finance, technology and talent aggregation.

The city will attract high-end industries and modern service sectors, accelerate the construction of an innovation-driven modern industrial system, implement the high-standard development plans for “Two Zones”, and greatly optimize the business environment. A series of policy measures supporting enterprise development will be introduced, providing robust support for the investment and growth of foreign enterprises in Beijing.

In the first half of this year, the city added 7,035 projects to the "Two Zones," representing a year-on-year growth of 208.1 percent. There were 4,430 newly landed projects, achieving a landing rate of 63.0 percent, exceeding the annual target by 23 percentage points. The regional development level is being increasingly enhanced.

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As the only state-level economic and technological development zone in the capital, the BDA has evolved from the initial 3.83 square kilometers into the 225 square kilometers of Beijing E-Town.

It has established four industry clusters, each worth of one hundred billion yuan, representing the next-generation information technology industry, new energy intelligent vehicle industry, biotech and big health industry, as well as the robotic and intelligent manufacturing industry.

Occupying only 0.35 percent of the city's land, BDA's industrial output accounts for a quarter of the city's total, contributing nearly 30 percent of industrial added value. The BDA has attracted over 80,000 companies from more than 40 countries, with a total investment exceeding $100 billion, and 97 Fortune Global 500 companies investing in over 40 projects.

After three decades of development, the BDA has positioned itself on the forefront of high-level technology. It has optimized its innovation ecosystem and deepened collaborations with the three science cities. Focusing on key areas of reform, the BDA has consistently improved its business environment, pioneering a series of innovative reform initiatives that serve as pilot projects for the entire city.

The Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center would like to further strengthen cooperation with the BDA, focusing on four key areas:

First, we will prioritize the innovation of investment promotion methods, aiming to strengthen and optimize the area's global investment promotion network channels.

Second, our focus will be on the transformation and implementation of landmark and leading major projects. We will maintain a results-oriented approach, giving priority to exploring enterprises' investment intentions and project leads. There will be an increased emphasis on project tracking services to promptly address and resolve issues.

Third, we plan to organize high-standard key investment promotion activities. By leveraging the advantages of hosting CIFTIS, we aim to consistently enhance the influence of brand activities. In addition, we will utilize national-level economic and trade platforms. Our goal is to publicize and showcase the opportunities present by Beijing's openness, attracting businesses to invest in the city.

Finally, we will deepen collaboration between municipal and district-level efforts, promoting the construction and sharing of investment promotion channels. This approach aims to contribute to the high-quality development of the capital's economy by consolidating collective efforts in investment promotion.

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