【CIFTIS 2023】Speech by Beijing Commerce Bureau representative at E-Town investment promotion conference

During the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), the "2023 Beijing E-Town High-Quality Development Investment Promotion Conference & the Launching Ceremony of Beijing E-Town Global Partnership" was held in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA).

A representative from the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau attended the conference and delivered a speech, which is as follows:

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Beijing's "Two Zones" construction has become a vital engine for promoting high-quality development.

Beijing's commercial development has seen comprehensive advancement, leap-frog development and a historic transformation.

Focusing on high-level openness, we have made strides in the opening of industries such as scientific and technological innovation, finance, healthcare, commerce, culture, tourism and education.

We are committed to deepening reforms, with a continuous increase in the coordinated level of international talent services, intellectual property protection and utilization, cross-border investment and trade, the facilitation of international balance of payments, and cross-border data flow.

We prioritize high-quality development. In the first half of this year, the actual utilization of foreign capital in the city reached $9.9 billion, achieving 60 percent of the annual target. Notably, the actual utilization of foreign capital in the pilot free trade zone accounted for 14.9 percent and 26 percent in contracted foreign capital of the city's total, respectively.

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Throughout this process, with the development of high-precision and advanced industries in mind, the BDA has made efforts to concentrate on building a "4+2+1" industrial system, and continuously advancing its four leading industries, namely, the new generation of information technology, high-end automobiles and new energy intelligent vehicles, biotechnology and the big health industry, and robotics and intelligent manufacturing.

At the same time, the BDA continues to improve its high-end service industries and the integration of science and culture, and more emphasis has been put on the development of the digital economy, making it a crucial area in Beijing's high-quality development and a significant hub for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

As for top-level strong support and basic guarantees for technological innovation, 27 specific measures have been formulated to create a competitive industrial development environment and establish a new benchmark for the business environment.

As the practitioner and witness of Beijing's "Two Zones" construction, the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau would like to collaborate with the BDA in continuously strengthening efforts to optimize the business environment, enhance satisfaction and a sense of achievement for enterprises, and provide a warm and welcoming "Beijing service".

First, guided by the mission of "Two Zones" construction, we should deepen the opening and development of the BDA.

Second, with the goal of project implementation, we should promote the stable development of foreign trade and foreign investment in the BDA.

Third, with the development of high-end service industries as the core, we should further optimize the industrial structure of the BDA.

Fourth, with the construction of an international consumption center city as the driving force, we should enhance the BDA's international business environment.

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