Three-year action plan for humanoid robots set to be unveiled

Beijing E-Town has seen continuous achievements in the humanoid robot sector, ranging from pioneering results to the establishment of corporate headquarters and industry alliances.


Beijing Humanoid Robot Mother Platform "Tiangong". [Photo/]

Currently, the area not only hosts leading humanoid robot companies such as UBTECH, Xiaomi Robotics, and Jingcheng Machinery Electric, but also key component suppliers in the industry like Tsino Dynatron, RobStride, and Pixelcore. This collaboration is speeding up the formation of an integrated industry ecosystem.

Last August, Beijing E-Town released a three-year action plan for the robotics industry (2023-2025). It proposed support for the construction of a series of innovation offices represented by the Humanoid Robot Innovation Center. By leveraging the leading role of key enterprises, it aims to create a key source of technological innovation. 

As a result, leading companies such as Xiaomi Robotics and UBTECH have registered and settled in the area laying the foundation for the establishment of the Beijing Humanoid Robot Innovation Center in November.


The Beijing Humanoid Robot Innovation Center is established in the Robotics Innovation Industrial Park in Beijing E-Town. [Photo/]

"E-Town has many leading humanoid robot companies, and our new business cooperation started through connections organized within the area," said Ran Liang, founder and CEO of Pixelcore.

Additionally, several new enterprises have registered and settled in the area. Recently, four robot companies, like RobStride and DexForce, signed agreements to set up offices in the Zhongguancun (Yizhuang) International Robot Industry Park Incubator.

Moving forward, Beijing E-Town will develop a high-quality development zone for the humanoid robot industry that integrates R&D innovation, public services, application demonstrations, and industry aggregation. 

It will also release a three-year action plan for humanoid robots and further support the industry's rapid development and aggregation by hosting the World Robot Conference and organizing a series of matchmaking events.

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