E-Town's 'one-stop' business service praised by enterprises

Recently, at the Beijing E-Town Government Service Center, Jia handed a banner with the words "Smile Service, Endless Patience; Thoughtful Service, Worthy of Trust" to the staff of the comprehensive window.

Jia is the head of a technology startup and decided to relocate his company from another district to Beijing E-Town. He went to the Government Service Center's access and operation service area to handle the business address change.

"The staff were very professional and efficient. Reviewing materials, screening the business scope, signing ... the entire process took less than an hour, and the next day I received the business license sent via free EMS mail." Jia said. 

With the guidance of the staff, he successfully applied for "free space." 

Currently, the company is in a transitional phase and the free cluster registration address has saved the company considerable rental costs, allowing more startup funds to be used for business expansion, thereby reducing the company's startup costs.

To provide enterprises with customized value-added services in policy, finance, talent, and space, last September, Beijing E-Town established the nation's first "One-Stop Entry Service Integration Platform" — the Business Welcome Center. 

To date, it has handled over 2,000 consultation hotline calls and visitor receptions, assisted 1,002 enterprises in setting up and organized dozens of policy interpretation events, benefiting over 500 enterprises.

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