Bangkok Metropolitan Council delegation visits Beijing E-Town


The delegation gives a thumbs-up to autonomous vehicles. [Photo/]

To strengthen friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and Thailand, recently, a delegation from the Bangkok Metropolitan Council visited Beijing E-Town, entering the Beijing High-Level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone Innovation Operation Center and researching the achievements of autonomous driving development while also experiencing a ride in an intelligent connected bus.

In the exhibition hall, the delegation gained a comprehensive understanding of the Beijing High-Level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone, through intuitive displays such as videos, sand tables and models, as well as detailed explanations from staff.

The zone has been under construction since September 2020, with Beijing E-Town as its core area. 

Currently, the demonstration zone has entered its 3.0 phase of construction, with plans to orderly advance the construction in the surrounding 100 square kilometers based on the 60-square-kilometer core area of Beijing E-Town, gradually expanding to cover a range of 500 square kilometers across the city.

"Are there safety guards on board?" "How is the safety of the vehicle ensured?" "Which areas are included in the expansion of the demonstration zone?" During the visit, the delegation showed a strong interest in various aspects of autonomous vehicles, including safety, speed, and widespread application, and it raised many questions. 

In addition, the delegation exchanged cultural gifts representing their respective cultures with Beijing E-Town.

As the intelligent connected bus entered the city roads, the delegation gave a thumbs-up, showing great interest in this driverless vehicle without a steering wheel. 

The smooth and seamless experience during the test ride also left a deep impression on them. This visit further showcases the forefront exploration and achievements of science and technology development in Beijing and Beijing E-Town.

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