Nine E-Town enterprises listed in top 100 new-type entities for 2023

The results announcement of the "Top 100 New-Type Entities for 2023" and a sharing and exchange meeting of typical enterprises were held in Beijing E-Town on May 30. 

Nine enterprises from Beijing E-Town were listed, and officials from the China Enterprise Evaluation Association and the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area Administrative Commission delivered speeches.

At the meeting, the China Enterprise Evaluation Association released the "2023 Development Report of Top 100 New-Type Entities" and the list. 

Nine Beijing E-Town enterprises, including, Xiaomi, BOE Technology, Goldwind Science & Technology, CVTE, Oriental Yuhong, NAURA, SMIC and Tongrentang were listed on the "Top 100 New-Type Entities" list.

What are the characteristics of the listed enterprises? High revenue and market value; significant entity attributes, with high physical asset turnover rate, inventory turnover rate, and employment of talents; leading in technological innovation with high R&D investment, number of R&D personnel, proportion of R&D personnel and number of invention patents.

JD Group, which ranked third on the list, demonstrated the strength of E-Town enterprises with a set of data: by the end of 2023, JD's supply chain infrastructure scale reached 158.8 billion yuan ($21.92 billion), with over 40 "Asia No. 1" intelligent industrial parks put into use nationwide.

JD has provided nearly 620,000 jobs, and its total human resources expenditure reached 104.7 billion yuan in 2023; since its comprehensive transformation to technology in 2017, JD has invested nearly 130 billion yuan in technology research and development.

At the conference, experts from the China Enterprise Evaluation Association delivered keynote speeches; officials from the area's Science and Technology Innovation Bureau introduced the science and technology policies of the development area; representatives from data integration enterprises gave speeches on topics such as artificial intelligence and innovation.

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