Face-to-face policy support for foreign-related enterprises

To assist foreign-related enterprises in better "going global," a series of "Two Zones" (Integrated National Demonstration Zone for Opening Up the Service Sector and China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone) face-to-face policy lectures recently commenced as scheduled. 

The "Two Zones" Office of the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, or Beijing E-Town, invited several experts to provide explanations on topics such as overseas intellectual property, international commercial arbitration and international talent policies. 

This support aims to facilitate international trade and economic cooperation for foreign-related enterprises and reduce their compliance costs.

At the event, experts from Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency used as examples actual cases of Chinese enterprises facing intellectual property disputes and overseas patent litigation in the United States to provide a detailed analysis of the risks and countermeasures related to foreign-related intellectual property. 

They also guided enterprises on how to apply for overseas patents.

Following this, experts from the Beijing Arbitration Commission explained the procedures for filing and conducting hearings in international commercial arbitration, as well as common cases and preventive measures.

Moreover, Beijing E-Town Talent Service Co, in line with the actual conditions of the area, introduced nine major categories and 31 international talent services provided by Beijing E-Town. These services cover various aspects such as healthcare, transportation, business and comprehensive education. 

Additionally, representatives from the "Two Zones" Office explained policies related to the entry and exit of foreign talents.

The event attracted representatives from nearly 20 enterprises. 

To focus on foreign-related services, in September 2023, a special service zone for foreign investment and trade was established and put into operation, providing enterprises and talents with "one-stop" services for foreign-related approval matters, including the establishment of foreign-funded enterprises and work permits for foreigners coming to China. 

By the end of the first quarter, the service zone had processed over 6,100 consultations, acceptances and issuances.

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