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The Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA) has built a whole-chain innovation service system that contains a concept verification platform, a public technology service platform, a prototype center and a pilot plant.

It also pioneers in supporting leading enterprises and incubating startups.

The BDA has attracted and fostered enterprises of different sizes, including "little giant" enterprises, specialized and sophisticated enterprises, as well as innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

It has created 13 national and municipal incubators and maker spaces for enterprise incubation.

The area has explored the development path of "scientific innovation + industries + capital". It has established professional industrial parks and industrial service platforms, aligning the necessary resources such as space, capital, and talent for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. 

This approach covers government, industry, academia, research, application and finance, forming a unified system to facilitate the conversion of scientific and technological achievements.

The BDA has established five national science and technology servers, nine industrial research institutes, 34 operational parks and specialized zones, 24 innovation centers, 14 pilot plants and 59 public technology service platforms.

The area has improved the management mechanism of science and technology funding, rolled out dedicated policies and established science and technology financial service platforms.

It was approved as a pilot park of "Innovation China" by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), and recognized as a National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base.

Innovative enterprises in the area have experienced rapid growth, with the number of national high-tech enterprises reaching 1,868.

The area has been promoting innovation exchange activities among enterprises while strengthening the functions of science and technology expositions and roadshows.

With a primary focus on developing the world's leading science and technology park, the BDA has formulated and implemented a reform and upgrade plan for Zhongguancun Yizhuang Park.

The Yizhuang Park area has undergone expansion and actively adopted Zhongguancun's pilot policies, such as forward commitment procurement and "use first and pay later".

The area has undertaken reforms in the allocation and utilization of science and technology funds, and the chief scientist responsibility system has been established.

The area has also encouraged leading enterprises to adopt such modes as customized product research and development, providing application scenarios and a trial environment for the first (set) of products.



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